Writing Typology Development & E-advice Bank

2013 – Following the departure of 2FTE skills advisers, I took the opportunity to overhaul our approach to eadvice, which led to the development of a new writing typology that could be used to provide comprehensive advice whilst supporting a clear message that we did not offer an essay checking service.

2014-2015 – I then began compiling an eadvice bank that would allow advisers to respond to requests for eadvice without having to re-type core skills tips and technique repeatedly. This was revamped on 2015 to change from a tabulated format to a much more user friendly and navigable tool for writing skills advice.

Writing Skills Advice

I also developed a series of ‘What to expect’ tools for advisers to use when triaging clients so that users had a realistic idea of what their advice experience would entail.

Screenshot 2016-02-22 17.01.32

All of these activities involved extensive reading of empirical literature, as well as primary analysis of other HEI’s models in order to formulate our approach to writing.

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