International Consortium of Academic Languages and Learning Developers Symposium

28/01/16-29/01/2016 – Conference

This was an excellent event that gave me access to a number of online sessions. I virtually attended the following:

  • Impact of reflective practice on developing students leaders’ graduate attributes (Deborah Laurs, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ).
  • Drawing the line: what is acceptable and ethical proofreading with low proficiency writers? (Declan McNally & Ben Kooyman, Australian College of Applied Psychology).
  • Academic language feedback toolkit: collaboration between academic language experts and academics (Anna Podorova, Monash University, Australia).
  • Supporting Reflective Writing in the Disciplines (Martin McMorrow, Massey University, NZ).
  • Who are Learning Developers (John Hilsdon, Plymouth University, UK)
  • Liking and not liking: hidden selves and ideal selves when working with students (Carina Buckley, Southampton Solent University).

Of particular note was John Hilsdon’s session on his research about who learner developers are, as the themes he elicited resonated with some of the fears and pride I have around our role, as well as some of the professional conversations I have had with colleagues.


However, I also found the proofreading session to be of enormous benefit as Bradford continues to grapple with this and there are noted areas of poor practice in other sister support services, where assisted editing takes place, eroding standards and perpetuating student myths that writing is something that ‘someone else knows how to do, but not me’.


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