PSRP – Reflection & Action Plan 1

14/10/2015 – Peer Supported Review of Practice A



What were you thinking and feeling at the time?

I was hesitant because I was aware that the student required help from multiple services, otherwise, I felt confident that I would be able to handle the interaction.


List points or tell the story about what was GOOD and what was BAD about the experience.

Good: I remained person-centred throughout the interaction; I was able to offer immediate advice to the student in a way they were able to respond to.

Bad: I had to refer the student elsewhere, so I couldn’t fully meet all of the client’s needs; The environment I create for student interaction does not necessarily provide the warmth or comfort of other advisers.


What sense can you make out of the situation.  What does it mean?

This was a successful interaction and I was pleased and proud with the support I offered. I struggle to find a solution to the fact that I need a cool working environment in order to maximise concentration whereas clients may prefer my client room to be warm and inviting. Ultimately, this did not appear to seriously impede the interaction on this occasion I’m pleased to say.


What else could you have done?  What should you perhaps not have done?

  • Referred too quickly, this maybe should have been held until the end of the interaction as a follow on.
  • Closed the windows in my room to afford more ambient comfort to the client.


Action plan

In a similar situation, what would you do differently?

Consider use of fan to keep my workstation cool in a way that is immediately controllable once a client arrives. Refer nearer the end of the interaction

How will you adapt your practice in the light of this new understanding?

I will investigate optimum temperatures for working environment. I will think more carefully about when during an interaction I make it clear that a student will benefit from other support services.

What specific actions are you now going to undertake as an outcome of this review?

Make more use of fan.

Do you need any support with these actions and if so how are you going to seek this out?


When do you expect to have completed these actions by?


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