Next steps for PGR: funding, quality of provision and the high-skilled workforce


07/04/16 – Westminster Higher Education Forum – 61 Whitehall London

This event covered:

  • The state of the PGR Market
  • The value of what it means to have a PhD
  • Changes to PGR funding
  • Responding to the changes in funding
  • The current landscape of PGR
  • The importance of ensuring high quality provision
  • The role of Doctoral Training Centres.

The event was both beneficial and interesting. I was fascinated by some of the projections that were made about the growth of PGR and about some of the problems that have been found (by students) in articulating the value of their PhD.

I was gratified that my approach using the RDF as the bedrock for a more skilled, transferably aware doctoral student seems to also being perceived as the desired way forward nationally.

I also discovered that certain other people are doing a similar style lecturing position in their institution as mine, adding evidence to the idea of transforming my role beyond that of an adviser.


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