Public Lecture – Men, gender and misandry: breaching the binary

19/04/16 @ 13:00 – lecture as part of the Bradford Diversity Festival, C7, Richmond Building

2016-04-18 (3)

Synopsis: this session explores society’s abiding desire for binary genders, the changing nature of 21st century masculinities and the concept of misandry in everyday life.

The verbal feedback was EXCELLENT, I really felt that I’d achieved my goal of making the material intellectually stimulating whilst maintaining a high level of engagement. As with the 3rd year lecture I got a clap at the end, which is always nice and reassuring. Definitely a high point of the lectures I’ve given during the life of my PhD.

I utilised a Prezi for the first time and the design, preparation and presentation involved a great deal of creativity. what is notable about the prep for this session was that ‘I just knew it’. I was even able to answer questions with reference to prevalent studies I’d read, without feeling as if I needed a huge raft of notes on hand.

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