Ethical Leadership: an Oxymoron?

07/12/016 – Public Lecture

Location: John Stanley Bell Lecture Theatre

Date and Time:
Wed 7 Dec 2016, 18:00 – 19:30

Duration: 1.5 hours

Cable’s 2009 comment about the UK Royal Bank of Scotland scandal “This is unbelievably crass and irresponsible behaviour by people who have learned absolutely nothing”, offers a challenge to all of us involved in leadership.
I will begin by discussing why leadership theories fall short and even contribute to irresponsible behavior then go on to offer possibilities for change, proposing a way of leading that foregrounds relationality and the need to make morally-informed judgments through a form of ethics I have called relational integrity.

Ann Cunliffe, Professor of Organisation Studies and 50th Anniversary Chair at the University of Bradford will explore what this might look like in practice and the consequences for leadership education.

Universities are no longer ivory towers and play a key role in the emergence of the knowledge economy to tackle some of the challenges of the 21st Century. Through events and lectures the University of Bradford aims to share its knowledge and engage in conversations with the public on some of these challenges.

This was an excellent session because of how thought-provoking and insightful it was. There was much that resonated from my own reading – for instance Ricoeur’s Oneself as Another. And having engaged in Counselling & Psychotherapy Training, it felt as if someone was finally applying these principles to a business setting in the face of the impersonal and greedy might of capitalist gain.

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