Vitae’s RDF

20/03/17 – I completed my first full PDP analysis and action planning using this tool across all four domains. It has really made me think about where my career is at and where I need to go from here.

The outcome of which, requires another reflection as it has thrown up some difficult stuff about the limitations of where I am currently.

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2009 – Paired with VC as part of CULM project to understand and work with diversity within the leadership & management of the institution.

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Radio Interview

27/02/17 РStudent Radio РInterview for EDAW 2017.


I talked to Brianna Riley @ University of Huddersfield about my research and my personal experiences, which will air this week.


Sociology @ SAGE

10/07/15 – Brighthelm Centre, Brighton.

Recording talking head video regarding sociology of eating disorders.

I contributed to SAGE video teaching materials for their online content, being filmed talking about male eating disorders and society.


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Enhanced Induction for PGR Students

06/02/17-10/02/17 – New student intake for doctoral studies.

I delivered the following sessions as part of the institutional commitment to making sure that students have parity in their induction experience, and are helped to belong to the research community.

Ethics in PGR Research

Vitae & the Researcher Development Framework

An Introduction to Qualitative Research

Data Collection and Data Analysis in Qualitative Research

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Research Supervisor Training

10am-1pm – F27, Richmond Building

Facilitators: Dr Mel Cooper & Ms Tish Naughton

This training was essential for me if I hope to be able to take on doctoral research students in the future. I definitely learnt things from the session but hearing from experienced supervisors was definitely the most valuable aspect. I also think my ow n supervision experience has enabled me to gauge what good supervision can be like.

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PGR Students & Tier 4

04/01/17 – PGR 01.02

Naheeda Kauser, Visa Support Manager

This was informal, but exceedingly informative, briefing that I attended  which was designed to update those involved with management of PGR about the issues around visas and questions about the length of time that students are registered versus the academic activities they need to undertake.


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